Celebrities, psychics, stalkers and survival instincts

My appliances have been turning against me and I’ve lost my productivity planner. It’s been a trying time. 

And I’ve been reading Gavin de Becker’s The Gift of Fear.

Gavin de Becker is a security specialist for governments, large corporations, and public figures like Madonna, Mel Gibson, Michael J. Fox, Tom Hanks and George Harrison.

When George Harrison was told by doctors that any further chemo he received would be more painful than beneficial, he was whisked away to Gavin’s de Becker’s über secret home. George wanted to live out his last days in peace without fear of being stabbed – again.

The two became friends after a celebrity stalking involving Olivia Newton John and Cher(!). Anyway for George’s friends to visit, they had to travel to a fake address before being escorted to the real place where George was living. So I know this Gavin guy is legit.

Things like Hannibal, Mindhunter, Real Crime Profile etc. (I’ve been wondering lately what Jim Clemente thinks of Michael Jackson) have long weirded me out for the way a detective can ramble off all these insightful and specific traits about a person they’ve never met. 

Or on Criminal Minds when that guy with the sensational curly hair bursts in saying the ‘unsub’ is a white male, 25 and raging. It’s always a 25-year-old raging white male. It just is.

I’ve always wondered how they can do that with any certainty.  The details about suspects seem like a horoscope or a psychic at work and I always think hmm this is quite vague, surely it could apply to many people. Where do detectives get this BDE? How do you talk to a person who’s taken a hostage and not say the wrong thing? Jesus, the pressure.

I’ve read a few books by ex-FBI staff and they all have a running theme about safety – our instincts make us all psychic. Ok maybe not as literal as that. They don’t say that. Your subconscious isn’t like a crystal ball but it is like a big computer.

I can think of times where I was told a secret I felt I knew all along, knew there was a reason I’d walked into a room even if I couldn’t recall it, got a bad feeling about someone before I found out they weren’t as nice as they seemed, or felt like I should walk a different way home.

One time I was driving home after working a close, so it’s around 2am and the town is totally dead. I see a kid’s bike on the road in front of me and I’m thinking wtf?? I slow down and look around for a kid lying somewhere but there’s nobody around. I come to a stop and I can see another two bikes, making a triangle across the road.

I’m about to get out and move them when I look at the bikes and think they don’t look old and abandoned, they look shiny and colourful. It makes me think of a scene in Stranger Things or IT or something, where a sherrif(?) finds a kids bike and says a bike like this is worth a lot to these kids bla bla no way would they walk home and leave it.

I thought of all the stories I’d ever heard of women being lured out of their cars and I got the creeps straight away, locked my doors and done a U-turn. This was either some kind of car abduction/human trafficking situation or I’d gotten the wrong end of the stick completely, and I’d actually just stumbled upon a bunch of children creating a pentagram with their tiny bikes on a main road at 2 in the morning.

Gavin de Becker said all the movies you’ve seen, stories you’ve read and news reports you’ve heard about live in a place somewhere in your brain and that gut feeling is your subconscious trying to remind you or warn you about something you haven’t consciously processed yet. 

He talks about a guy who went in to a shop, got a weird feeling and immediately left, only to find out the man who walked in after him was fatally shot. The guy who left couldn’t work out why his instincts had kicked in so strongly when nothing in the shop seemed to be amiss. 

He thought the weird inexplicable feeling saved him when in reality he passed a car outside with its engine running and a man wearing a jacket in the middle of July. All of the movies, urban legends and news reports about cops/robberies/shootings/getaway cars/concealed weapons subconsciously tingled his spidey senses and told him to get the hell outta there.

Another thing I noticed is that Gavin de Becker, John Douglas and/or Robert Ressler have said women who’ve been attacked will commonly say ‘I had a weird feeling when I saw that person but I told myself I was just being silly or paranoid’ or that they had a bad feeling about someone but didn’t want to be rude to them.

At the beginning of the book (The Stranger Beside Me) written by a woman who worked with Ted Bundy (Anne Rule), she wrote of at least five encounters where a woman met Ted and thought he was attractive and charming but got that ‘something is wrong’ feeling in their gut. They rudely cut him off, walked away, called a boyfriend or their father over etc. Some of them even felt bad about snubbing him until they seen his face on the news.

I’ve always wondered why credible police investigations use psychics and how they manage to be right sometimes. I don’t know what I believe about psychics but I think some people are more in tune with their subconsciousness than the rest, and maybe they pick up on subtle things other people don’t. Who knows. Tell me what you think!

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