Hair extension wisdom

Two days later and this goddamn cushion is still not done. Pattern cutting is okay once you get in to it but I kept messing up and drawing accidental optical illusions instead of the parts for a cushion. 

Anyway hair. When it comes to extensions I’ve been around the block and I have many feelings about them all – braided weaves, LA weaves, clip ins, micro beads/loops… You name it I’ve attached it to my head and when it’s done right you feel like a goddess, but there’s so much room for error.  

If I could pass on any extension wisdom I would say –

1. Always braid the bottom inch or two of your hair like a dutch braid. I split the hair into two horizontal sections and braid one going across to the left and one across to the right, so they lie as flat as possible against my head and kirby grip it like crazy. It holds back those stray sections of your own hair peaking out of your curtain of extensions and grassing you in.

2. Sleep with your hair in a loose braid on a silk pillowcase, or go one step further and sleep with a silk scarf tied around your head. I used to hate the effort of re-curling or straightening my hair in the morning to make it blend but if you do this you can just wake up, untie the scarf and your hair is stunning.

(You can get cheap silk scarfs from ebay or like this one below which I bought last week and like very much, so don’t bother with the Silke London ones. How they sleep at night charging £50 for a turban is beyond me.)

3. Take painkillers before you get them put in, the sudden extra weight on your head can feel a bit sore. 

Where did I ever find the time to spend three hours washing and drying 200 gram mermaid weaves or tediously separating and combing through micro loops. How much of my life have I spent drying hair that isn’t even mine?!?

Yet still I’m considering getting tape ins. I’ve never went there before and they seem the least damaging, sorta cheaper and the ‘GL Tape +’ can be dyed at the top to match my roots, unlike the Foxylocks clip ins I have now. This sounds good to me cause I want to grow my hair out and I’m never going dye it again. Mark my words. 

Why is it trendy for young girls to have extra long virgin healthy hair now? It’s a right of passage to destroy your hair. They’re missing out on so much personal growth.

Every now and again I convince myself I’m going to dye it all brown but I’ve worked so hard! The time and money I’ve spent to balayage, babylight and ponytail-blonde my hair into oblivion can’t all be for nothing.

So tape ins, final answer. Not super long ones either, it’s more for thickness since my hair seems to be falling out like crazy.

Is this what happens in your 20s? Is this stress? Who knows but I feel like being lighter at the ends has made my hair seem as though it thins at the bottom. Or my hair is just thin and I’m in denial.

If anyone has any experience with tape ins let me know! Are they hard to wear in a bobble? Are they obvious when your hair grows down? What’s the condition of your hair like when they’re taken out?

I’m returning to my pattern cutting. This ends tonight.

P.S. feel free to ask me any questions about hair extensions!! x

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