Behind the stage

Today I have the SPFW (which is Scottish Pakistan Fashion Week) show in the Crowne Plaza. It’s boujee. 

One thing people don’t tell you about fashion shows is how boring they are behind the stage. It’s almost always 8 hours of girls sitting around trying to amuse themselves.

Chain smoking, diet-coke drinking, uni work, phone screens, girls either discreetly or blatantly applying more mascara depending on how nice and/or hygienic the mua’s were, endless selfies, snacks – but not tooooo many snacks, water but again not tooo much water.

I wonder what fashion shows were like twenty years ago when nobody had phones and would have to pass the time talking. And they couldn’t take selfies and boomerangs. The horror.

One of my tutors is always saying that, imagine you didn’t have a phone and had to talk to people at lunch. 

Wouldn’t your day be so much more rich? Whether you cared about what people said or not, you’d have a lot more interesting stuff to talk about when you got home. Gotta go get glammed up but I’ll continue this in the next post.

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