Little things

A few years ago a woman left me a card with an above average level of kindness and I’ll never know who wrote it. And I never want to! That’s magical in a way. A little thing.

My friend and I used to do this little things-thing, inspired by Woody Harrelson when he finally gets that twinkie.

For a while it seemed like everything was going wrong, as though all the bad things in my life decided to get together and start a band. It was relentless and I couldn’t stop counting them up like Arya Stark going to sleep at night.

Then my friend’s life went a bit wobbly and it was suddenly so clear to me they still had the little things.

I couldn’t see past my own sad collection but making up treasure maps and road trips for someone else gave me something to look forward to in a way I couldn’t look forward to things of my own.

I stopped constantly assessing if things would make me happy or not because it was no longer for me. And life is a lot better if you aren’t constantly rating your happiness and wearing your sad parts like chips on your shoulders. 

When you look for the little things to cheer yourself up it’s easy to skip a lot ’cause you think nothing will make you happy but when you look for someone, you look a lot harder. And you realise how many things are great and worthwhile!!

I don’t know where that saying ‘It’s the little things’ comes from, I googled it and found no origin story but I did find this –

Have you ever had someone putting a jacket over you when you didn’t even say you are cold but rather was just rubbing your arms in a warming motion?

Hold your arm while crossing a signal?

Saved you a candy?

Given you a back rub?

Kissed you on the forehead in the middle of the day, road, crowd?

Smiled at you from across a room full of people?

Winked at you while no-ones watching?

Saved you half a pastry?

Well….these are the small things that matter. You won’t starve if you are not given that half pastry.’

Aishwarya Gayen

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