Botox and the OG emoji’s

Hello I am back and I am thinking about Botox.

I watched an Instagram story of foreheads pre and post Botox, and I was really surprised.

I thought Botox would tighten muscles and give you a Jennifer-Coolidge-in-A-Cinderella-Story frozen face but these foreheads were looking smooth and plump let me tell you.

Do forehead injections hurt? How long does it really last? 

I do frown a lot but I don’t think I’m there yet. I have one deep groove where my right eyebrow has been raising more than the left like the ^o) emoji or msn ’emoticon’ I used to love.

MSN Emoticon

THIS WAS THE ORIGINAL SHADE. A picture speaks athousand words and this emoticon says them all.

There was nothing more heartbreaking than someone you had a hott crush on sending you that merciless ^o) when you said something a bit out there.

And at the same time, there was nothing better than sending it yourself. It was a truly character building emoji, the children don’t know what they’re missing.

Anyway – things you inject into your face. Why are they so expensive? I understand now why I’m always seeing articles about people who’ve injected oil into their bum or their arms.

Completely joking. I don’t get that. What happens when you sit down? 

I do understand Botox is daylight robbery.

I was once nearly robbed in daylight. Semi-robbed. Like 3/4ths robbed. The most robbed you can get without actually getting robbed.

It’s an odd one I’ll write about next time, I have an appointment with a woman who is going to hurt me in the name of beauty.

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